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Who We Are

The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute was founded by a group of optimists.  We believe that we can make simple, daily changes that promote a more harmonious balance between humans and the earth.   We know that every action towards sustainability is the right action.  We can produce an abundance of local food with limited water resources, we are able to regenerate poor soils, we are equipped with the tools to build community and we will leave each piece of land better than when we found it, all the while enjoying ourselves and the process.

Josh Robinson- Director

Josh Robinson was raised in San Diego and moved away in his early 20’s. He spent 9 years out of state learning how to live within the ecological boundaries of the earth. In 2001 he interned with the well known Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and later in 2002 with another Ecovillage called the Lama Foundation. During this time he began learning and applying skills in permaculture, natural building, and local food systems. In 2002 he moved to Arizona and began immersing himself in issues of water harvesting and living lightly in an arid environment. Josh moved back to San Diego in 2011 to began teaching sustainable living in his hometown.

Josh Robinson holds a Master’s of Arts in Ecological Landscape Design and was the founder and president of Eden on Earth, an ecological landscape design/build company based in Northern Arizona. During his tenure of Eden on Earth from 2007-2011, his gardens won numerous awards including the “Water Wise Garden Award” and the “Greatest Landscape Makeover Award” from the City of Flagstaff, Arizona.  Some gardens have also been featured in notable books including Toby Hemenway’s “Gaia’s Garden” and Art Ludwig’s “Create and Oasis with Greywater.” He also worked with the City of Flagstaff in creating the first citywide rainwater harvesting ordinance, which is only one of a handful of cities in the US to do so.

Josh has been teaching topics on sustainable living since 2005 including courses for Northern Arizona University, Prescott College, Coconino Community College, and the Ecosa Institute. He has taught many more courses and workshops privately and given dozens of community presentations. Josh’s teaching style has been well received with consistently positive student feedback. Josh currently lives in North County San Diego while working with friends and family to develop Terra Corazon, a 17 acre permaculture farm and demonstration site.