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Bee Pollen Health Benefits & Uses That You May Not Know

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 in bees | Comments Off on Bee Pollen Health Benefits & Uses That You May Not Know

Guest Blog Post by Derek Roach, Pro Pacific Bee Removal

apis-melliferaThe daily flight of a bee consists of visiting multiple plants to collect pollen and nectar as a food source for their colony. These flights are precise journeys that are done merely for the overall benefit and growth of the hive.

However, not only bees benefit from the gathering of pollen and nectar and the development of honey. This extensive process has proven to be beneficial to more than just these busy pollinators.

A large percentage of plants depend on the distribution of pollen by bees for reproduction. As a result of bee pollination, fruit-bearing plants are able to produce crops and provide a balance in our ecosystem.

The pollen that bees bring back to the hive after a laborious day is then combined with nectar and bee saliva and stored in cells on the honeycomb. This newly created concoction is what we know as bee pollen.

The Powerful Ingredients Of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is a complete food source and is used to boost immune systems, build stamina, treat skin irritations, and a variety of other health benefits. In just a single dose, all the appropriate levels of Vitamin A, B, C, and E as well as the proteins, enzymes, calcium, iron, and 22 amino acids are stuffed in this all-natural health food.

Previous studies have shown regular consumption of bee pollen has remedied several illnesses and improved overall health.

Boosts Immune System

Being rich in vitamins, proteins, free amino acids and folic acid, bee pollen contains all the necessary elements to sustain life.  The properties of bee pollen increase our body’s level of gamma globulins which is a protein formed in the blood that helps prevents and resist infections in our body.

Increases Blood Cell Count

A considerable increase in both white and red blood cells has been observed in anemic patients consuming bee pollen. White blood cells, known as Lymphocytes, are responsible for combating damaging substances like viruses, cancerous or infected cells, and toxic elements in our blood stream.

Improves Performance In Physical Activity

Strength and stamina have been reported to improve within adults who ingest bee pollen supplements. It is a great natural food for athletes since it contains no chemicals or steroids.  In fact, the British Sports Council claimed they recorded 40 to 50 percent increase in strength from their members that use bee pollen regularly. 

Helps With Weight Control

Balancing your metabolism is key to normalizing and stabilizing weight gain or loss. Metabolic processes are fueled by the bee pollen and results in burning more calories and settling chemical imbalances in your metabolism. The substance lechithin is an added bonus in bee pollen since it is able to help dissolve and flush out body fat. And not only that, since the pollen contains all the essential nutrients for the human body, it acts as a hunger suppressant and regulator to control signals for fullness and hunger.

Remedies Allergies

Similar to receiving a vaccination for the flu, including small amounts of bee pollen in your diet will introduce the appropriate amount of allergens to your body. This will cause the immune system to create antibodies that prevent allergic reactions when exposed to the allergens again. In order to be most effective, it is recommended to buy bee pollen from local producers.

Slows The Aging Process

Expect longevity and a slowing of the deterioration of the mind and body with the magic of bee pollen. Regular use of pollen can keep the cardiovascular and respiratory systems strengthened and keep the mind sharp by stimulating psychological resistance to stress. Normal slowing of metabolic functions and nutrient deficiencies that occur during old age can also be prevented with consumption.

Beautifies & Fights Skin Conditions

Just as much as bee pollen can do inside our bodies, it can do the same on the outside. Dermatologists have effectively used bee pollen to treat acne and rejuvenate skin cells. Ingesting or applying topical creams or lotions containing bee pollen prevent dehydration in the skin and create growth of new skin tissue. Also, the nutrients in the pollen help avert the normal effect aging has on skin.

How To Correctly Use For Optimal Results

pollenBee pollen comes in a variety of forms including capsules, granules, or powder, but this power boosting substances may be a tough pill to swallow. No one is beating down doors for the taste; it has the flavor of a health item, not a delectable dessert. However, the extraordinary health benefits far outweigh the unfavorable taste.

When in powder form, mixing with drinks or sauces will help disguise the taste and still provide the same health benefits. However, before starting your regular dosages, it is important to consume a small amount (a couple granules or a piece of the capsule or tablet) to test how your body reacts. With no adverse effects, you can start building up from your initial test dosage to a full capsule or one tablespoon a day.

Derek Roach is a copywriter at Pro Pacific Bee Removal – a subsidiary of Pro Pacific Pest Control – and specializes in creating content on honeybee-related topics. His articles have been published locally in San Diego and on national publications.