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Gangster Gardening: Gardening is My Graffiti

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Blog, Gardening, permaculture, soil, Videos | Comments Off on Gangster Gardening: Gardening is My Graffiti

ron-finley-garden-mainThe inner cities of America are often neglected, abandoned, forgotten about, and in need of repair.  People living in these places find themselves in a “food desert,” where access to fresh, local, organic, and tasty food is just not available.  The food selection is limited to cheap fast food and the nearest grocery store is often a liquor store or other convenience type shop.

This is the scenario that Ron Finley found himself in while living in South Central LA, but rather than dwelling on the problems he began to create the solution.  In seeing all of the abandoned lots and weedy right of way strips, Ron saw opportunity for food production.  He began picking the the shovel and getting his hands dirty planting food forests and veggie gardens throughout his neighborhood to change the social and ecological fabric of South Central.

Ron gives one of the more amazing talks on urban gardening that I have ever witnessed.  “Growing your own food is like printing your own money,” he says about growing food in low income neighborhoods.  Check out this awesome TED talk and then pick up the shovel and create your own garden graffiti.