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Gangster Gardening: Gardening is My Graffiti

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 in Blog, Gardening, permaculture, soil, Videos | Comments Off on Gangster Gardening: Gardening is My Graffiti

The inner cities of America are often neglected, abandoned, forgotten about, and in need of repair.  People living in these places find themselves in a “food desert,” where access to fresh, local, organic, and tasty food is just not available.  The food selection is limited to cheap fast food and the nearest grocery store is often a liquor store or other convenience type shop. This is the scenario that Ron Finley found himself in while living in South Central LA, but rather than dwelling on the problems he began to create the solution.  In seeing all of the abandoned lots and...

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Stinging Nettle and World Peace

Posted on Jan 11, 2013 in Gardening, permaculture, soil | Comments Off on Stinging Nettle and World Peace

Guest Blog Post by Diane Kennedy One of my  very good friends asked me what to do about a proliferation of stinging nettle in her yard.  There is a creek running through the bottom of her property, and while once there had been Jimson weed and other natives growing there, now there is just nettle which is spreading to her lawn.  Her hand hurt for a day from inadvertently pulling some out bare-handed.  Her neighbor had told her that “nettle was bad” and would take over.  She was laying cardboard on some of it, but was afraid that wouldn’t be enough. One of the main practices of...

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Leave the Leaves

Posted on Nov 16, 2012 in Articles, Blog, recipes, soil | Comments Off on Leave the Leaves

Guest Blog Post by Diane Kennedy The world can be saved with leaves. Yep. No kidding. We are in a season named after leaves: Fall.  When deciduous trees drop their leaves they are shutting down their systems for the winter.  In warm climates native plants don’t do this, rather they shed leaves over a period of time, never turning off their ability to create food through photosynthesis. Evergreens also do this, providing shelter and food for animals no matter the weather.  In cooler climates many trees go into semi-dormancy, kind of a half sleep. Liquidamber trees provide gorgeous Fall...

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