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Natural Building- Light Straw Clay and Wattle and Daub

About one third of the world’s population still uses some form of earthen construction for their houses, and for good reason: earthen materials are inexpensive, locally available, inflammable, comfortable in all but extreme cold climates, non-toxic, not susceptible to bugs and mold, and can provide solid, beautifully sculpted structures. In this hands-on workshop we will learn about how to build with light straw clay, also known as slip straw and wattle and daub.  Many natural building materials are not easily incorporated into new or existing frame wall homes, but light straw clay is a practical, cost effective, natural and insulative alternative to commercial insulation like fiberglass. Wattle and daub has been used for centuries as a way to build with sticks, branches, and mud.  During this one day hands-on workshop we’ll mix and install light straw clay into the existing stud wall cavities and use wattle and daub to build some walls for a natural built chicken coop! 

Topics Include:

  • -Applications of light straw clay and wattle and daub
  • -Basics of natural building
  • -Mixing up light straw clay and cob
  • -Tips for using
  • -Introduction to natural earthen plasters
The workshop will take place at a private residence in University Heights. Address will be given out prior to workshop to all registered participants.
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10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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