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Permaculture Design Course Fall 2013

September 21-22, 28-29  October 19-20, 26-27  November 16-17, 23-24

Full 12 Day Certificate Course

Class Meets Throughout San Diego County

Learn how Permaculture Design can meet and exceed human needs by transforming human gardens and communities into fully functioning ecosystems. Receive hands-on experience on how to apply the principles of ecological design in your own home, farm, neighborhood, and city. Permaculture is an integrated ecological design system for creating sustainable human settlements. Far more than a set of gardening tips and techniques, Permaculture is about understanding and designing the connections between people, the earth, plants, energy, climate, water, transportation, shelter, animals, economics and much more.

This course is for:  Home owners, renters, gardeners, farmers, ranchers, landscapers, architects, builders, developers, civic planners, educators, environmentalists, students … everyone who wishes to learn how to live sustainably and apply the principles of holistic design to their respective fields.

Students digging a swale


Course topics:

  • Permaculture ethics
  • Permaculture design principles
  • Understanding natural patterns
  • Creating healthy soil
  • Plant selection, plant guilds & food forests
  • Site analysis & design
  • Mapping
  • Climate and microclimates
  • Water harvesting
  • Energy
  • Natural building
  • Bioregional theory
  • Local food systems & community land access
  • Co-housing, eco-villages & City Repair
  • Design for peak oil & ecological collapse
  • Ecological economics & community currencies

About the course: This 72 hour curriculum will cover Bill Mollison’s PERMACULTURE DESIGNERS MANUAL plus more recent material. The course consists of six (6) two (2)-day weekends held throughout San Diego County. The spread out weekend format is to accommodate local residents schedules to participate in this valuable learning experience taught by regional experts in Permaculture & Sustainability. Course experience will include classroom instruction, field trips, hands-on activities, required & suggested readings & completion of a permaculture design project. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive Permaculture Design Certification.

Course Information

Instruction on all course dates is from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Part 1 “Introduction to Permaculture Design”

This first few sessions lays the ground work for permaculture design. This session will include Permaculture Ethics & Principles, Regenerative, Generative & Degenerative Systems, Natural Patterning, Climatic Pattern Understanding, Site Assessment, Forests & Energy, Permaculture Design Methodologies, and tours of local permaculture sites.

Part 2 “Growing Permaculture”

In the middle sessions we will look at “Growing Permaculture” as we learn about water harvesting (rainwater and greywater), soil building, and using plants in a permaculture setting. Topics to include hands on rainwater harvesting, tours of functioning and legal greywater systems, compost and composting teas, sheet mulching, plant guilds, garden ecology, and food forestry. These days will be a very hands on with ample time spent outdoors getting our hands in the earth and applying the permaculture principles and ethics to create a sustainable orchard system.

Part 3 “Permaculture for the Farm, Neighborhood and Beyond”

The final weekends build upon the earlier sessions as we learn to apply Permaculture on farms and ranches and into the city. Topics include Keyline Design, Agroforestry, Animal Husbandry, Appropriate Technology, Home Design, Hands on natural building, Eco-village, and co-cohousing design. We will apply permaculture on the community scale and learn about Resource Sharing Co-ops, Community Gardens and Land Access, The City Repair Project, Creating a Local/Regional Food Economy, Alternative Economics and Local Currencies, and Right Livelihood. Culminating the whole course will be student design presentations and the infamous permaculture costume contest and the talent / no talent show and potluck dinner!


$795 for the entire Permaculture Design Course

$695 if paid in full by early bird deadline of August 17th, 2013

A Non-Refundable $200 deposit is required to reserve your space

There are opportunities for work trade and payment plans.

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Ticket Prices
Standard Price$795.00
Non-Refundable Deposit$200.00