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Starting a Successful New Ecovillage or Intentional Community

creating a life togetherWorkshop overview:

    The workshop includes visual/verbal presentations with drawings, a slideshow and short videos, small-group discussions and exercises, musical skits, and the “Ecovillage/Intentional Community Clinic,” in which participants present their community projects and Diana and the other participants comment and make suggestions.

Video sample:

Diana’s presentation at Global Ecovillage Network’s 20th Anniversary Conference, Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, 2015:  Three Aspects of Healthy, Thriving Community (1st 11 minutes)

Workshop Details:

First day: Three aspects of a healthy, thriving community. Eight antidotes to “structural conflict.  Various ways communities organize themselves. The 19 Steps – how community founders typically start successful communities. “The Timeline Game” — organizing the steps of starting a successful new community. “The Theoretical-Visionary/Community Experience Scale” (how communities change over time). Musical skit: “That’s Not Community!” Your community’s Mission & Purpose. “The Community Board Game” — relationship of membership process/mission/self-governance. A clear, thorough membership process.

5 SocWks Montr 2014 grp 72 7 copy

People tend to really enjoy Diana’s workshops.

Second day: Self-governance & decision-making. Why not classic consensus? Overview: N St. Consensus Method. Overview: Sociocracy. How communities own land, find land. (Financing land is covered on 3rd workshop day.) Overview: Zoning, neighbors, tiny homes, homes on wheels. Overview: legal entities for co-owning land, education programs, & more. Using multiple legal entities. Overview: internal community economies, capital and operations budgets, social enterprises in community. Community labor issues: requirements, contributions, tracking. Reducing interpersonal conflict from ineffective governance, accountability issues, skilled & hurtful communication. Assessing “Social Capital.”  Working effectively with challenging group members. Recommending NVC & Restorative Circles. Overview: Restorative Circles.

HH Wks 40 Slct Roles skit 4 72 7 copy

Participants hamming it up with one of the workshop’s musical skits.

Third day: More on reducing interpersonal conflict. Special Guest, Jonah Mesritz, founder of Emerald Village Observatory near Vista, and Realtor specializing in helping intentional communities find land, on innovative ways to finance land purchase. “Ecovillage & Intentional Community Clinic”: We assess and offer suggestions for participants’ forming and already-existing community projects.

Comments about Diana’s work, presentations, and this workshop:

One-minute video of Kevin Bayuk, founder Urban Permaculture Institute, San Francisco Bay Area, on Diana’s work:

“Your presentation was one of the best I’ve seen. . . . down-to-earth, humble, extremely knowledgeable, realistic, practical, insightful, and inspiring (and funny).” 

    —Laura Allen, 2015. Los Angeles Eco-Village; author, The Water-Wise Home

“I love the way you teach — supporting the questioner and question, being totally honest, and keeping a smile and positive, hopeful attitude about everything.” 

    —Dave Henson, 2011. Co-founder, OAEC Community, California

“You’re truly a master at taking complex material and making it simple. The way you engage participants is brilliant.” 

     —Gaya Erlandson, 2012. Lotus Lodge Community, North Carolina

“You are a sparkling trainer and a joy to work with. L.A. Eco-Village was energized for a year after your workshop.”  

      —Lois Arkin, 2006. Co-founder, Los Angeles Eco-Village


October 7, 2017 to October 9, 2017Terra Corazon
11945 Mesa Verde Drive Valley Center CA
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Ticket Prices
Early Bird$250.00
General Admission$350.00
Group Rate$200.00
Both 3 - Day Classes$200.00