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West Coast Communities Conference: Thriving, Not Just Surviving Fiscal Health in Community

Organized by SWICA – South West IC Alliance

And co-sponsored by the Fellowship for Intentional Community, Cohousing California and Terra Madre Gardens

Welcome to the 3rd Annual West Coast Communities Conference.  Taking off from last year’s subject of economic justice, we are organizing this year’s topics around the subject of equitable and sustainable income and affordablity.  We have workshops…

Some of the potential topics:

Financially feasible ways to start Community and ongoing affordability

Organizing for affordability in less able neighborhoods

Intentional Business (IB): Kinds of businesses that may be suitable with Intentional Community

A look at Worker Cooperatives (Collectives)

Fairness of equitable effort: Everyone pulling their own weight while respecting those less able

Balancing Intra (local) Economy and Extra (global) Economy

Alternative Trade Systems: LETS, TimeBank, HourWorld, etc.

Sources of Funding

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Call for Presenters:  Please see below for contact information.

Call for Volunteers:  Help make this year’s event even better.  There are several roles we can use help with.  People are needed for registration, volunteer coordination, website administration, among others.  Those who would like to get involved or for more information, please contact:

Contact Us: Conference Email; Conference FaceBook Page; South-West Intentional Community Alliance (SWICA) website; SWICA Email

Event organizers: Werner, Event Coordinator (949) 551-2800; Steve Fuji, SWICA Committee Head (505) 715-1418

September 29, 2017 to October 1, 2017Terra Madre Gardens
9928 Protea Gardens Rd Escondido CA 92026
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