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Greywater Systems Installers

The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute encourages and trains people to install their own greywater systems.  However, not everyone has the time, tools, or skills required to install a system by themselves.  You can still participate in the Great Greywater Challenge by hiring someone to install a greywater system.  Below you will find a list of San Diego greywater systems installers.

Ecology Artisans

Ecology Artisans is the premier permaculture design firm in Southern California.  Specializing in low water use landscapes that are beautiful.  The team at Ecology Artisans has over 15 years designing and installing greywater and rainwater harvesting systems.




h2ome-logoH2OME is San Diego’s first rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling installation business. Offering consultations on water reuse and storage opportunities, H2OME provides a complete solution from planning to installation, including passive and active rainwater harvesting and gray water use in conjunction with appropriate plantings and landscaping. Contact H2OME.

Building Green Futures


Our mission is to bring native vegetation back to urban settings, help restore the natural water cycle and re-connect people with nature, by providing water harvesting and green roof design, installation, and education services to residents, businesses, and the public sector throughout San Diego county. Contact Building Green Futures.

RainThanks & Greywater

RainThanks & Greywater is a design/build company working to create a regenerative water culture by reusing, capturing and conserving water.  Contact RainThanks and Greywater.

Ramona’s Plumber

ramona-plumberRamona’s Plumber is a licensed green plumber and can help you install a greywater system.  Contact Ramona’s Plumber.

Monty’s Plumbing

montyslogoMonty’s Plumbing is Southern California’s #1 Green Plumber promoting water conservation and reuse/reclamation via grey or gray water solutions. Contact Monty’s Plumbing.



If you are a greywater contractor and would like to be list here, please send us your contact information including your website.